The Spirit of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen

Celebrate the music and life of Leonard Cohen when Jonathan Anstock and his soulful band perform some of Cohen’s most iconic songs. Punctuated by Cohen’s poetry and insightful stories, this sublime tribute captures the essence of the late legend’s powerful works. Bringing to life one of the greatest poet singer songwriters, Jonathan Anstock reveals who Suzanne was and what it was like to be a Bird On A Wire all with a respectful, heartfelt nod to the genius, wisdom, humour and humility of Leonard Cohen. Hallelujah is probably more famous than the singer/songwriter himself, having been recorded by 300 artists. But what lived in Leonard Cohen’s soul and spirit? His life of poetry, song-writing, drugs, sex, spiritual searching, depression, political thought and eventual peace are all exposed in this sublime tribute. So Long Marianne the muse … and Everybody Knows the Future looks challenging, but … “there is a crack in everything, and that’s how the light gets in!” The spirit of Leonard Cohen is truly palpable during this well crafted biographical cabaret.

When: 26/03/2022 - 26/03/2022

Location: 30 Minchinton Street, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast Area, Queensland, Australia


Phone: (07) 5491 4240