Terms and Conditions

(These Terms and Conditions may change without prior notice being given.) 


All Peak Season (Christmas) Bookings for 2022 will commence on Thursday for unit bookings and Friday for holiday house booking.

HOLIDAY CALOUNDRA has a 'NO SMOKING' policy in all properties. No parties or functions are allowed in any of our Holiday Properties. Failure to abide by these rules authorises Holiday Caloundra to immediately terminate the booking without refund.


Our office hours are currently: Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 4:30pm Friday 8.30am - 4.00pm Our office will not be open on Saturday until futher notice Check-in (keys collected from office) is from 2:00pm Monday to Friday. Check-out (keys returned to the office) is before 10:00am all days. Before/after hours place in mail box at the front of the office. Late return of keys may result in additional costs to the guest We will contact you by SMS or mobile if your keys can be collected prior to 2:00pm. If you are arriving after hours please contact our office prior to your arrival date to arrange 'after hours' key collection.



  • Holiday Caloundra advertises privately owned properties on behalf of individual property owners through numerous online booking channels. 

  • If you make a booking through a third party online booking site, that booking site must be your first contact point for any alterations, amendments or cancellations to your confirmed booking.

  • Holiday Caloundra reserves the right to error check and amend the details of all online bookings even after the event of an automated confirmation email being forwarded as a result of a deposit being paid. Should an error occur you will be contacted to discuss your options.


An initial deposit of 50% of the tariff, plus the non-refundable booking fee, must be paid within 24 hours of making the booking and the balance of deposit (full tariff) paid 60 days prior to arrival. (If you choose to make a booking through any site other than our website at www.holidaycaloundra.com.au you may be required to pay the full amount at the time of booking as well as any fees they may choose to add).  All bookings are confirmed in writing clearly stating the dates booked and the price that applies. During peak holiday periods, if you wish to re-book the same property for the same time next year,  you will secure priority over any other booking, on the condition that you re-book within the first 2 days of arrival.  Your priority lapses after that period.  


Card Fees:

All credit card payments will incur a 1.5% card fee. This is a non-refundable fee charged to us by your credit card provider.


Booking Fees:

All bookings will incur a non-refundable $50 Booking Fee.

Minimum Stay:
Most properties have a minimum stay of 3 nights in the low season and 7 nights in the high season. If unsure, please check with our office staff for individual property minimum stay periods.

Booking Cancellations/Amendments/Refunds:
Holiday Caloundra is contracted by individual property owners to take holiday bookings for their private properties.

In doing so, property owners employ this policy as the framework for managing booking cancellations, amendments and refunds.

Requests from guests seeking to cancel,amend bookings or refund inconsistent with this policy, will be referred by our staff to the property owner/s, who will be the sole decision-makers regarding such requests.


  1. All funds paid for Low Season bookings cancelled 2 months or greater before arrival will be refunded less a cancellation fee equal to $150 or 10% of the full tariff (whichever is greater).

  2. Low Season bookings cancelled or amended less than 2 months prior to arrival will not be refunded unless Holiday Caloundra is successful in reselling some or all of the same booking dates, in which case, an amount equivalent to the tariff of the resold dates will be refunded.

  3. Mid Season, Peak Season, Easter holidays and Caloundra Music Festival booking cancellations will receive no refund unless Holiday Caloundra is successful in reselling some or all of the same booking dates, in which case, an amount equivalent to the tariff of the resold dates will be refunded.


  • In the event that the dates of your holiday are altered, and the booking is subsequently cancelled, the cancellation policy time frames indicated in points 1, 2 and 3 above will apply and be calculated using the dates of the original booking or the new dates, which ever arrival date falls first.


Once a booking is cancelled, it will be subject to this policy, and cannot be reactivated.

Should you choose to voluntarily vacate earlier than your agreed departure date, you understand you will not be entitled to any refund.




COVID-19 Booking Cancellations:

In the event that guests cannot legally attend a pre-booked holiday due to QLD government COVID-19 border closures and/or QLD government directives prohibiting wholesale movement of the general public through lockdowns etc, all money's paid will be refunded for the days that the guest is prohibited from attending due to the closures less the booking fee and credit card fees.  If the person who made the booking can provide evidence that they have contracted COVID-19 or is required to quarantine due to COVID-19 and is prohibited from attending part or all of the booking, the owner of the property may, at their discretion, offer a credit on their terms for the period of the booking the guest is legally unable to attend.  The owner of the property is the sole determinant of such decisions.  Otherwise, the standard cancellation policies previously detailed above will apply.

We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.


Booking Postponements:
Guests seeking to postpone rather than cancel bookings, can generally do so (subject to availability) for a period up to 3 months at a time.  Contact our office to discuss.


Security Bond:

A security bond protects the owner from costs associated with damage, excessive cleaning and/or other unsettled expenses.  All guests are required to pay a refundable security bond ON or PRIOR to check-in, as well as provide credit card and photo ID details for security purposes.  The amount involved will depend on the property you have booked (between $500 and $1500).  Security bonds are generally taken as a credit card pre-authorisation*, but we reserve the right to require payment as cash, by credit card or EFTPOS transfer to be held in trust for the duration of the booking - especially for bookings that are for a period of 21 days or longer. In the event of any damages, extra cleaning fees or unpaid amounts, settlement will be payable from the bond or credit card supplied if the charge exceed the bond processed.


A 1.5% card fee will apply for bonds paid by Australian credit cards, or for any expenses that need to be recovered from a pre-authorisation.

There are no fees payable for bonds paid by Eftpos on savings or cheque accounts, or paid by direct deposit.  International cards may attract higher fees. 


Security bond refunds will be processed by us at the end of a booking less any outstanding amounts deducted as soon as practicable within 7 working days of the departure date and once we have received bank details from the guest for refunds.


Pre-authorisation releases will be processed by us as soon as practicable at the end of a booking less any outstanding amounts deducted within 7 working days of the departure date.The bank will then take an additional period to finalise the process.


*A pre-authorisation is not a charge, it is a pending transaction that will automatically be released by your bank (unless used for services or informed of damages or extra charges).




It is a condition of the Queensland government Health Department that every guest checks in with the QR Code at the property. If you are not able to use the QR code please call our office to provide the information requested by the government. 

Please ensure the keys are returned to our offices by 10:00am on the morning of checkout, and please ensure the following has been attended to: All rubbish removed from the property and placed in the appropriate bins, and the dishwasher must be emptied, all dishes washed, dried and put away. Cleaners may invoice for an extra charge if they are left to do this. The property must be left secure with all windows and doors closed and locked, the airconditioners and all electrical devices must be turned off.  All furniture must be placed back in its original position. Please leave the premises clean and tidy as an extra cleaning fee (in addition to the cleaning fee paid at the time of booking) will be payable from the Security Bond if the property requires extra cleaning, tidying or deodourising.


There is a $25:00 collection fee for Local Agent staff members to collect items that have been left behind at properties.  It is also the guest's responsibility to organise postage or a courier to return belongings.  Lost property will be held for a period of 4 weeks, at which time it will be disposed of as appropriate.


All properties are fully self contained and are decorated to the owners discretion, however the price does not include linen or cleaning products. You may hire linen (sheets, pillow cases, bath towels, hand towels, bath mats, tea towels etc) or other items by speaking to the reservations staff when making your booking. Our properties are all Non-Smoking properties.

Keys are collected at the beginning of the tenancy. Keys that are lost will be the responsibility of the guest as will be the cost of key and lock replacement. As this can become quite expensive, please take good care of your keys. A call-out fee of $50 will be payable by the guest if assistance is required due to lost keys or 'lock outs' after hours but before 9:00pm.  A locksmith will be required to be contacted after 9:00pm and payable by the guest.  

Pets are strictly prohibited from all Holiday Caloundra properties, unless specifically advertised otherwise.  Guests attending Pet Friendly properties with animals must ensure they comply with the specific requirements of the property owner.  All pet owners must ensure that the grounds of the rented holiday property are left in a clean and tidy manner. A clean-up fee will be payable from your bond if you fail to clean up any droppings left by your pet. We also ask, for the safety of your pet, that you administer a flea treatment to your pet prior to arrival.

Some properties allow pets inside but not on soft furniture and/ or carpets. The property will be inspected thoroughly by cleaners and extra cleaning can be charged accordingly for smell, extra pet hair or any other damages due to the pet being inside.

Pets allowed depending o the property (please check with our staff):

- Dogs small/ medium/ large

- Cats

- Various caged pets

Holiday Caloundra provides a wide variety of accommodation options, from basic and budget to high end million dollar properties. Guests must ensure that the property they are booking, meets their expectations.  Whilst all care is taken by Holiday Caloundra to ensure accuracy of information and up-to-date website photos, Holiday Caloundra cannot accept any liability for any misunderstanding as to the features and quality of each property

No illegal behaviour  will not be tolerated and immediate eviction from such property will take place, without refund, upon Holiday Caloundra staff being notified.  Police will be alerted as appropriate.  A business cannot be operated from any holiday property without prior consent of the property owner and/or the body corporate if applicable.

It is the individual owners and individual build body corporate committee's responsibility to notify us in the case of a building refurbishment or renovation. When notified of any such building works we will notify you and, if authorised by the owner, offer alternative accommodation if possible - but this cannot be guaranteed.  It is unlikely that we will be notified by individuals of any other property within the vicinity of your rental property being renovated.

Airconditioners, swimming pools and electrical appliances are subject to break down and sometimes delayed repairs
are inevitable. Please report any breakdown as soon as you can. Whilst every effort will be made to repair these items as quickly as possible, no guarantee of their availability or serviceability for the duration of a stay is given. No refund or reduction in tariff will be made for non-availability of any of these items for any part of a stay.  For all assistance please call our office number 07 54913555. For after-hours emergency assistance you will be advised of an alternate contact number.

Properties are in high demand during peak periods.  Reservations do not automatically repeat. If you wish to reserve the same property for the peak period the following year you must make the reservation within 3 working days of your arrival, after which time, anybody else can book the property.  We ask that you make these arrangement during the week as Saturday can be extremely busy. Please do not leave re-booking your favorite holiday property to the day of your departure, as the property may have been secured by a different guest. Usual reservation Terms & Conditions apply.

Upon arrival at your chosen accommodation, should you find any cleaning or maintenance issues please contact Local Agent Caloundra immediately so we can arrange to have the issue rectified as soon as possible. You must allow Local Agent Caloundra to attempt to rectify any issues. If you choose not to advise Holiday Caloundra, it will be understood that you are satisfied with the presentation of the property.

Please Note:  A consumer must provide a service provider with an opportunity to rectify any minor issue free of charge and within a reasonable period of time.  A consumer cannot simply cancel a contract and expect a refund - ACCC


POOR GUEST RECORDS:  Holiday Caloundra participates in the Bad Books register. By accepting this booking and our Terms and Conditions you hereby agree that if you or any occupant covered by this booking, including any guest, breaches our Terms and Conditions then your Name, Phone Number and Email address along with details of the breach/breaches may be disclosed to the property landlord and/or other agents participating in the Bad Books register. Local Agent Caloundra reserves the right to cancel a booking where a guest is registered in the Bad Books database.


Holiday Caloundra acts as a booking agent for private property owners.  As such, we advertise and accept bookings for properties consistent with the owner's instructions.  If the property is sold or withdrawn by the owner from holiday letting, guest bookings may need to be moved to another property or cancelled.  In such cases, all efforts will be made by the Holiday Caloundra team to find suitable alternative accommodation, but if unable to do so, the guest accepts that they do not have a right to the holiday tenancy nor any right to take legal action against the owner or the agent.  In such circumstances, after deduction of the Booking Fee and any card fees, the guest will be provided with a full refund of monies paid.



Please do not have your mail sent to the holiday property address.  We do not hold letterbox keys and we cannot arrange access to these.  If you require a mail collection point please contact our office for options

While we endeavour to supply accurate information on this site, errors and omissions may occur. In the event of such, we will make every effort to make contact with you. If there is an error in the process of listing a product or service on our website or a technical error, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel a booking in this instance. 
The booking is made in good faith by us but may be subject to change as notified by the owner prior to the commencement of the booking. We cannot accept responsibility for action taken by the owner of the premises outside of our control. Every reasonable endeavour will be made to offer alternative accommodation should this occur. Please also ensure that when booking, you make every enquiry to ascertain that the property booked is suitable to your needs as refunds will not be given on personal preferences. From time to time repairs and maintenance need to be attended to during your stay at which time a contractor will need to access the property. We may need to disclose your phone number to the contractor to gain access. If this contact method is unsuccessful we will provide a key to the property for the contractor to gain entry.  These Terms and Conditions may change without prior notice being